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The 3 Most Popular Roofing Materials in Australia

Popular Roofing Materials in Australia

When you are to choose the roofing material for your house, there will be many things that come into your consideration. The most common aspects to consider in selecting the materials are their weather resistance, their durability, the cost, and whether or not they are suitable for the shape of the roof you are planning.

In some cases, most people also consider the trend and aesthetics in selecting their roofing type. It is completely understandable that you want your house to be as good as you expected. However, it is good for you to know that the choice of color of the roofing materials affects the level of heat that will be reflected. Therefore, most manufacturers produced darker colored roofs. Here are the 3 most popular roofing materials in Australia:

  • Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are the common choice for roofing materials in Australia. Not only that they look good, but also because they suit the weather so well. They also have impressive durability and come with different profiles and color options. They are slightly expensive but low maintenance.

When some tiles give in to the weather after a few years and break, you can simply replace them with new ones without much difficulty.However, terracotta tiles have one weakness. They weigh a bit more and your house will have to be build with a strong structure which can support their weight.


  • Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the other popular choice in Australia. It is well known for its durability and lightweight. This type of roof material can also be used for many shapes of roof. Most homes in the earthquake route will likely use this material.

Though most houses that use this type of roofing are quite distant and the transportation cost is obviously expensive, house owners do not seem to mind because this material is able to reflect more sun. And there has been studies saying that using metal roofs can help you with the energy bill.

Metal roofing comes in different variations like:

  1. Galvanized iron, copper and zinc that are suitable for contemporary or lightweight houses
  2. Steel composites such as Zincalume that are designed for contemporary or lightweight house)
  3. Metal tiles such as CoRoofs with polyester coated surfaces. Because they have a tile shape, these sheets are compatible with brick.
  4. Sheets of copper or zinc are also interesting, durable materials for contemporary buildings but they are on the first list of most expensive roofing materials.


  • Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles has been the most common choice for a long time. Though they cost a lot, the roof which uses this type of material is attractive with the natural finish. Though you will have to deal with the weight issue as in using terracotta tiles, Slate tiles are compatible for any roof styles.

As in terracotta roofing, broken tiles in Slate roofing can easily be replaced or fixed. The amazing thing is that they can last over a hundred years and keep on their classy looking. They are available in grey, green/grey and blue color shades.


Summing up, the roof materials you choose should not only fit the design of the house as a whole unit, but also fit your budget. Stay away from light colored roofs because instead of making the house looking attractive, they will make it look ridiculous because they cannot complement the other part of the house.