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Shipping Container Modification Ideas

Shipping Container Modification Ideas

Great Ways To Modify Containers

Shipping Container Modifications Ideas

Do you need an extra storage space for your business or home? Then you don’t have to invest in a construction project which can be costly and take a long time to complete. You can easily modify shipping containers in Australia and change them into the most secure and functional storage facility. Use a set of essential tips to help you with this.

The Right Unit

You need to figure out how large of a storage facility you will need. This will depend on the types of items which you want to store and on their size, shape, and weight. You have to consider the amount of space which you have available for setting up the shipping container. There are two main size option – 20-foot and 40-foot containers. If you’re dealing with an experienced company, you may find 8-foot and 10-foot units as well.

The unit which you choose must be in a good condition. You can ask for its serial number to help you find its age and also to track its previous use. The so-called one-trip containers are the latest and newest and are virtually damage-free. Despite the age, shipping history and specs of the unit, you have to inspect it very carefully in order to be on the safe side. Keep in mind that a little bit of rust is okay as long as it hasn’t progressed into noticeable corrosion. There are many suppliers both selling and hiring shipping containers. Based in Queensland with branches throughout Australia is Nationwide Container Sales, whos specialsies in new and used containers.

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The Perfect Layout

It is up to you to make a decision on how large and how many racks and shelves will be installed. You should create the layout in advance before the modification of the shipping container starts. Make sure that there will be enough walking room between the shelves and racks. Additionally, you need to ensure that storage items of large size will not get stuck. You have to decide whether you require additional fixtures and fittings such as a working bench.

Safety and Security

It is a good decision for your shipping container to be set on an area above the ground in order to be perfectly level and better protected. You can also opt to set it on special blocks to permit the air to freely flow underneath it. It is crucial for you to ensure good air circulation inside as well. We have special vent units which are designed for that purpose.

When it comes to security, these containers are very difficult to break into. Their locks are very tough. It may be very difficult to cut the metal walls. If you want even a higher level of security, special lock box can be installed.

Provide for good ventilation

It is recommended that you use a foundation platform which will make the container even and allow for good under-floor air circulation. It is also possible for vents to be installed on the walls. A specially designed ventilation unit installed on the ceiling will do a very good job. If you plan to use the modified shipping container daily and spend a lot of time inside, you can consider the installation of a complete heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Install insulation

This is important for achieving comfort and energy efficiency. You can use material which is directly sprayed on the walls. It is also possible to use rigid panels which are installed on the exterior walls. Roof and floor insulation is also recommended. Once the insulating material is in place, you can install drywall and flooring. You can choose any type of floor material depending on your preferences and requirements.

Install A Roof

This is not something people generally think of. But having an insulated roof on your container can dramatically improve the temperature control. Esopecially if you want to live in it, or use as an office. Even some storage items can benefit fgrom cooler conditions. Think of installing a roof on your container for added comfort.

Solar Panels

You should consider using renewable energy for your modified shipping container. You can install solar panels on top to make your own electricity.

Finally, you can make other modifications to your shipping container if you wish. You can consider various sizes and types available with the company and then you can have an appropriate idea on what you exactly need or how you want your container to be modified. You can also develop a sketch of your modified container by using CAD/graphic design. This model will ensure you that every work in going on right steps. It will also help you get the right modifications according to your preferences and needs. The modifications are done to suit your budget and requirements. The skilled team will always be there to help you with modification specifications.

So if you looking for a shipping container to modify you can see the options are endless. Shipping containers are a great way to think aoutside the box when it comes to affordable living and storage.

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