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Guide to Roof Plumbing

Learn About Skills and Qualifications For Roof Plumbers

What is roof plumbing?

Roof plumbing is any work that involveS fixing, installing, renovating, maintaining roofs, pipes, gutters, including side walls attached to it but excluding glass, concrete of or timber. It also involves installation of lights and ventilating systems as well as chimney related works. Mostly the roof plumber just comes in to fix broken parts of the previously mentioned area of responsibility. Roof plumbing is often believed to be a “Dad Job”, but there are instances wherein you need professional roof plumbers to get the job done.

For roof plumbers, there are different certifications in order to become qualified. The following are their specific expertise: Erect and dismantle scaffolding, operate elevated work platforms, calculate plumbing quantities, know basic plumbing services like store plumbing and use of plumbing tools, installing roof sheeting and wall cladding, collect and store roof water for infrastructures and install solar, or any environmental protection systems or energy gathering power systems. They also have to know how to clear blockages in gutters and pipes. Local plumbing contractors Pro Plumber Brisbane stated that any contractor will usually perform plumbing for roofing projects. As long as they have their plumbing contractor license, they can do all kinds of plumbing to roofs, whether it be for maintenance or new installations

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Does a roof plumber need to qualify in Queensland?

Yes, there are various certificates needed for a roof plumber to operate in Queensland, more often, you need an expert to fix roofing problems and not someone who will make matters worst. TAFE Queensland offers services for roofing plumber trainingeeships and relevant courses for a person to work in such field. There are also other training providers in Queensland but this is one of the most well-known. Mostly, you need at least 10 years of numeracy and literacy to apply for such programs.


The following are some of the certifications and qualifications for a Roofing Plumber. These are delivered certifications done in lectures and apprenticeships. They can range from plumbing, gas fitting, and roof plumbing in general.

  • CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
  • CPC 2413 Certificate III in Plumbing for Apprenticeship
  • CPC 32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting


In these courses students usually have discussion and employer works in order to have an outcomes-based learning and application of the lectures.

Roof plumbing Services


The following are the responsibilities of a roof plumber:

  • Install gutters, rainwater tanks, pipes, downpipes and any other material found around the roof area.
  • Know how to work with roofing structures such as metal, fibreglass, and waterproof roofing materials for installation and dismantle
  • Know how to interpret roofing or pipe plans and be able to apply it accordingly
  • Calculates measurements, like size of roof, pipes and tanks
  • Installs, maintains, repairs, dismantles any roof related materials
  • Know the roofing drainage system and how to effectively execute the roofing pipe plan

These key responsibilities need training and professional guidance in order to have effectively delivered services.

When would you need a roof plumber?

You would need a roof plumber once you want something to be fixed, installed, dismantled or maintained on your roof, like tanks, pipes, and other materials found in the roof area. Roof plumbers often know what to do with leaks and blocked gutter drainage. They also know how to handle construction piping and how to install roof works.

guide to roof plumbing

Tips For Hiring the Best Roof Plumber

If you’re looking into hiring a roof plumber be sure that;

  1. Check his certifications and credentials, sometimes you need an expert to handle roofing and piping of your house.
  2. Check out his previous clients and ask about feedbacks of his job.
  3. Check the company that he is working for if it is a reputable and trusted roof plumbing company
  4. Ask him about suggestions on what to do in solving your roof problem, this is how you will know that the solution will be effective
  5. Be sure to keep an eye on him while he does his job, so you would know the progress
  6. Always ask for a contract or quotation of services , you don’t want to pay unecessary extras if the job can be done at a certain span of time. This is also to make sure that he does not drag around the project.


Roof plumbing is often times needed especially if you’re a home owner. There will come times when you need someone to go up there and fix the problem, roofing plumbers are those people who would get the job done for you. In considering a roof plumber, also do background checks in terms of performance and trustworthiness because you will be letting this person inside your premises.